Kathy's Creations


Casual clothing, such as simple outfits, will take a few
days to make.  A more elegant dress or outfit will take a little longer (for example a wedding dress or a more complex Easter dress will take several weeks to a few months to make).

If you provide the material and pattern (if I don't have the pattern you want) the only cost to you is the labor to make the item or garment.  On the hand, I provide the material, the cost to you is the material and the labor.

The price for making an Easter dress for a child will depend on whether the dress is simple or more complex (for example: if the dress has lots of lace and/or ruffles, then the dress will cost about $40.00 to $45.00 dollars to make.  If the dress has little to no lace and/or ruffles, then the cost would be about $25.00 to make.

Other items to make will depend on whether the customer provides the pattern and material to make the item.  Most items that are simple to make, customer provides the material and pattern, the cost will only be $25.00 to $30.00 to make. 

On the other hand, the starting cost of a bridal gown is from $45.00 and up.

Shipping charges are extra, which means the customer pays for the items to be shipped.  Flat rate shipping by the post office is used.  Thank you, Katherine Lancaster